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The Historic Taverns of Colonial Williamsburg

You must eat while in Williamsburg. Why not do so where they've been serving fine food for, well, centuries!?

Four taverns in Colonial Williamsburg have been serving great meals since the 18th century. In addition, they continue to provide fine dining experiences similar to those served to such Colonial luminaries as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Enjoy a meal that Ben Franklin himself might have eaten!

Read more below for information on each of the four historic taverns still serving meals in Colonial Williamsburg.

Christiana Campbell's Tavern: Do you like seafood? George Washington did and this tavern was his favorite for seafood. Seafood on the menu includes crab cakes and filet beef with crab-stuffed shrimp. You also may enjoy Gloucester chicken, Chesapeake Bay jambalaya, fried chicken, clam chowder, and sweet potato muffins (the house specialty). You'll enjoy your meal as balladeers walk past singing Colonial-eras songs and ditties. Innkeeper tip: Crab cakes at Christina Campbell's. Five minute drive from B&B.

Chowning's Tavern: If you're looking for something a "bit" different when it comes to the menu, Chowning's delivers. Dying for some Welsh rarebit? Come to Chowning's. Salivating for Brunswick stew or Virginia pulled pork sandwiches? Hurry on over. Eighteenth century fiddlers also entertain as you eat and, if you stay after supper, enjoy the tavern as it turns into an 18th century alehouse, complete with performances by costumed Colonial characters and house-rumbling sing-alongs! Enjoy 18th century board games as well as local ales and wines.

Shield's Tavern: Colonial Williamsburg is located in Virginia. Virginia is in the South. That being the case, Shield's Tavern offers typical Southern fare such as Carolina-style barbecue sandwiches, bangers and mash, and other staples of good Southern cooks. If you're looking for a more 18th century menu, Shield's delivers with ale-potted beef with mushrooms, carrots, and pearl onions over mashed potatoes.

If you've a love of ghost stories, Shield's delivers, as the tavern offers a guided walking tour that starts right out in front of the tavern itself.

King's Arm's Tavern: This Tavern is open for lunch and dinner. Innkeeper tip: Enjoy a casual tavern dining experience during lunch. Indoor/outdoor seating available. No reservations are required for lunch. We like the Pottage Pie - a chicken pot pie. Other nice selections are available as well.

Do you love your wine? Then the Gabriel Archer Tavern is the place for you. The tavern itself is relatively new (built in 1987 at the location of an old barn), but its location at the Williamsburg Winery, was first founded in the early 1600s. The property's first owner, John Johnston, planted grape vines there in 1619.

The tavern's menu includes such meals as braised pork belly, 12-ounce New York strip, pan-seared chicken breast, salmon filet, and much more, including - of course - Bordeaux varietals from the winery's Gabriel Archer wine list.